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Ben Miller - English 213
Thursday, 30 April 2009
Belated Final Thoughts

            Whew, I almost forgot to post this!  I know it's late so if it doesn't count towards my grade than it's for your reading pleasure.

            For starters I want to say thank you.  Thank you to everyone who made this class possible: students, Dr. Sexson, the world wide web, Rio’s magic pen, and of course the classical texts.  Like Deborah, I wish I would have taken this course much, much earlier in my college career; however, if I had I may not of been fortunate enough to have Dr. Sexson as a professor, a class of incredibly interesting peers, or so many mythic coincidences.  All in all, it worked out pretty well. 

            Reading through some of the final blog posts, it was relieving to know that many students were wary of what a course in Classical Literature would entail too.  But I had an edge, so did Kayla, in knowing that Dr. Sexson is a masterful professor.  Not to toot your horn or anything here Dr. Sexson, but there are very few professors who can enlighten students in such an entertaining, passionate, and complete manner.  Dr. Sexson’s classes always reach a different level, where the students come together as a whole body desiring knowledge and fun.  Students always shed a bit of themselves, relax and open their bodies and minds without being self conscious; transform so to speak, which is really what college is all about: morphing into a better person in this poetic, mythic world.

            As always the myth of the eternal return has signaled its arrival with finals right around the corner.  Ironically, winter doesn’t want to give up just yet.  And as sad as endings always are, they also mean new beginnings – spring should show up anytime, at least for a few Montana minutes.  Next semester will be so fresh and sunny that this one will already be mythic, mythic qualities only students of classical literature class will recognize.

            From this class I will take with me so much that it’ll be enough to remember for years; the passion of the women in all the texts, Steiner’s conflicts that ring true for every genre of literature and life, stichomythia battles, the enduring power of love, ways to deal with unbelievably tragic events: catharsis, the enchanting world of frame narratives, how to ‘find’ myself again through anamnesis, and of course the ability to transform and morph, particularly by metempsychosis. 

            This is only a small glimpse at what there is to remember from Classical Literature, we’ll certainly remember this absurdly long spring snow tempest.  But it’s ok if we don’t remember everything right away because it gives us more to remember in the future, when we realize that what we look forward to in the future is merely to remember what happened in the past.    

Posted by bmcycleski at 12:11 PM MDT
Updated: Thursday, 30 April 2009 12:16 PM MDT
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