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Ben Miller - English 213
Sunday, 5 April 2009
Test Notes
1. Flyting: stichomythia of insults, competitive benign insults and arguments.
2. Tally: from Symposium, Aristophanes, a broken piece of coin, usually half, shared with friend.
3. Echo, unrequited love.
4. Romeo and Juliet = Pyramus and Thisbe
5. Name three people from Plato's Symposium and summarize their theory of love.
6. Tragedy means goat song; comedy means revel song.
7. Metempsychosis = transmigration of souls
8. Catharsis is the purging of pity and fear, a cleansing of emotions through literature so we don't have to experience the tragedy personally. 9. According to Trojan Women, what is the worst thing that can happen? A: sacrifice a child.
10. What does the word obscene mean? A: off-stage.
11. New Comedy vs. Old Comedy; weddings, feasts, and dancing
12. Anamnesis; Plato's theory that we already know everything when we're bone but we've forgot it all, and so must relearn it.
13. Dr. Sexson likes to think of reincarnation as poetic thought, or metaphor.  
14.  What did Paris choose when he was offered any gift from the goddesses? A: Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world.
15. What character does Aristophanes use for reincarnation? A: a naked girl.
16. Sophocles vs. Euripides tragedy; hubris, formal truth vs. emotional tragedy.
17. According to Freud, we laugh to keep from crying.
18. Symposium speakers and love theories.
19. tragedy and the individual, comedy and society.  
20. parbeasis (sp?) part of a comedy where the audience is abused.
21. Which Ovid story transforms two bears into constellations? A: Calypso
22. In greek tragedy, women taken prisons during a war become slaves or concubines.
23. Phallocentrism: male dominant view of society and culture, represented by the phallus.
24. Aristotle says the perfect literature is tragedy.
25. According to Plato, what happens when we see something beautiful? Our shoulder-blades itch because we are trying to flap our angel wings, of which only shoulder-blade-stumps remain.
26. nostos = a homecoming
27. Niobe turned into a weeping stone.
List of Transformations:
- acteon to a stag
- narcissus to a narcissus
- atlanta to a lion
- pentheus to a boar
- 4 ages - gold, silver, bronze, iron; myth of declension.
- adonis to a wild flower
- arachne to a spider
- myrra to a tree from which adonis is born
- tireseas, a man to a woman to a man
- midas's ears to ass's ears
texts for test:
Plato's Symposium,
Trojan Women
Iphigenia at Aulis
Ovid's Metamorpheses
An Imaginary Life
And the two essay from Lysistrata: Athenian Women & Greek Comedy.                  

Posted by bmcycleski at 1:04 PM MDT
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